About the Artist

Joe Arnold’s prayer wheels and shrines have been inspired by his travels to the sacred places of the world. He has gained insight from, and his work has been influenced by the temples and shrines of India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia, and in the cathedrals of Europe and Mexico.

"When I travel to these sacred places one theme always seem to occur: we as humans are always reaching for the heavens to find our place in the world. Whether  the glorious spires of Chartres Cathedral in France or a simple prayer wheel along a trail in Nepal, I believe our quest to know the Absolute is universal. My art is an attempt to create personal sacred spaces that facilitate this quest to find our place in the cosmos, whether a traditional prayer wheel, a mani stone for the garden, or a shrine to memorialize a loved one who has passed.”

His large scale art installations have been funded by the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada. (Photos of his Burning Man installations can be seen here). His current work is on display in his Sacred Art Garden at his home in Estes Park, Colorado. Images of the the Sacred Art Garden can be seen here.

Joe Arnold at Burning Man 2011 with his installation: The Tower of Transformation

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